2012 Vehicle

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2012 Team

Vehicle Overview

The 2012 vehicle represents the team's most radical change in design over the last several years. Key features to note are:

Frame Design:
Changing from rear bracing to front bracing allowed for increased design flexibility, serviceability, and a more aggressive appearance.

Drive Train:
UMBC Racing undertook the ambitious challenge of producing our own custom CVT primary and secondary specifically designed for a mini-baja vehicle. This allows for greater tuning ability as well as greater efficiency over commercially available CVTs.

The 2012 vehicle is equipped with an interconnected pneumatic anti-roll device, dubbed the "IPAD", which allows the team to make on-th-fly adjustments to vehicle handling between events. With front wheel travel at 14" and rear wheel travel at 15", the suspension on this vehicle had the greatest amount of wheel travel of any other competitor during the 2012 season.

An adjustable pedal assembly was implemented in order to fit users of almost any size.

Data Acquisition:
A custom instrument panel and data acquisition system was built allowing the driver to monitor vital vehicle statistics in real-time as well as log vehicle data for tuning purposes.

2012 Awards

Baja SAE Auburn

  • 2nd- Overall Design
  • 1st-Cost
  • 6th-Overall

  • Baja SAE Oregon

  • 3rd- Hill Climb
  • 3rd- Cost
  • 6th- Overall

  • Baja SAE Wisconsin

  • 2nd- Acceleration
  • 3rd- Suspension & Traction
  • 3rd- Overall Dynamic

  • Overall 2012

  • 3rd- Mike Schmidt Iron Team