2015 Vehicle

2015 Team

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Vehicle Overview

The 2014 vehicle was an evolution of last years vehicle. Featuring redesigned suspension components in the front and

Frame Design:
Retaining front bracing from 2014 allowed for increased design flexibility, serviceability, and a more aggressive appearance. Complex bends, especially in the rear frame, aided in assembly simplicity.

Drive Train:
Once again, UMBC Racing undertook the production of our own custom CVT system specifically designed for a mini-baja vehicle. With a complete primary redesign over 2012 and continued optimization of the secondary, UMBC Racing competed in the 2013 season with the lightest CVT for this application.

The 2013 vehicle makes a statement as it rolls along with massive 25" tires. Coupled with extensive testing time and 15" of wheel travel all-around, this suspension system is ready to take on almost any obstacle.

An adjustable pedal assembly was implemented in order to fit users of almost any size.
Data Acquisition:
A custom data acquisition system was built and able to stream live data back to the paddock.

The 2013 vehicle was UMBC Racing's first attempt at completely fiberglass body panels.

2014 Awards


  • 3rd - Acceleration
  • 2nd - Cost

  • Baja SAE Kansas

  • 9th - Accelleration
  • 1st - Cost

  • Baja SAE Illinois

  • 1st - Sales Presentation
  • 2nd - Cost

  • Overall 2014

  • 9th- Mike Schmidt Iron Team